Woodworking Projects For Beginners: Six Easy Project Ideas

Just like any hobby, there are a variety of ability levels in woodwork. If you are just starting, then you might be searching for some woodworking projects for beginners. Here we will list some extremely basic ideas for your very first, 2nd, or third tasks.

Tool Box
This is most likely the simplest thing you can construct and requires only some wood, little nails, and glue. You will also require a hammer and a saw for tools. This is an ideal first job due to the fact that you will probably require a tool box if you are going to continue woodworking. When you finish this one, you will be ready to move onto something a little advanced.

Bird Home
This is slightly more complex than a tool box, but is one of the most common woodworking tasks for beginners. It will take some extra skill in the cutting department if you wish to develop a really good one, but cutting a simple bird home can be quite easy. You will need some nails and glue to do this task also.

Here is another one that is not too difficult to do. You can really get as innovative as you desire with a CD or DVD rack. I have seen some actually cool ones. All you need is the basic stuff, some wood pieces, nails, and glue. Make sure to measure out the area where the compact discs or DVDs will sit so that it is big enough to hold them!

Precious jewelry Box
Here’s one you can construct for your mom or your spouse. This project can be a little bit more intricate because it will likely require setting up a hinge or two, but most people can figure that out quite quickly. This is still considered among the basic woodworking jobs for beginners and has actually been integrated in store classes across the country for several years.

Nesting Trays
These are relatively similar to a tool box, however are shallow and made for holding little things. You can even use them in the kitchen for holding snacks and appetizers. Some easy cuts will get you the wood pieces and then you just nail them or glue them together. If you want to get elegant you can drill out some finger holes on the deals with.

Coat Rack
For this one you just require a round base, a round pole for the main stand, and some pegs to hang coats on. This can be a little more difficult than the jobs listed above, but if you have an excellent plan to follow you will be fine. Get yourself a good woodworking book and follow the easy steps to develop this task.

I hope I have provided you with some great ideas for easy woodworking tasks for beginners. When you finish the ones noted above, you may be all set to move onto more advanced stuff. It all depends on the individual, and how fast you discover the trade. Some people find out quicker than others, however the technique is to not get disappointed, and to always gain from your mistakes.